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Skincare Essentials Bundle

Skincare Essentials Bundle

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Any one body wash 300 ml

Natuur's Strawberry Body Wash, crafted with natural ingredients, provides a refreshing and moisturizing shower experience with a delightful strawberry fragrance, suitable for kids (2-12 years old).

Ayurvedic bath powder 300 gms

Natuur's Ayurvedic Bath Powder exfoliates, brightens, and hydrates with green gram, rose petal powder, oatmeal, rice flour, besan, and turmeric.

Aloe gel 100 ml

Natuur's Aloe Vera gel hydrates, cools, and soothes skin, providing day-to-night hydration for a healthy, glowing complexion.

Any one body massage oil 100 ml

Natuur’s Kewra Coconut Body Massage Oil is a luxurious blend of premium ingredients, including coconut oil and Kewra essential oil, for ultimate skin nourishment, relaxation, and relief from muscle pain. Enjoy the soothing benefits of this natural body oil.

Any one soap 100 gms

Natuur’s Orange and Kesar Soap, enriched with kesar and orange essential oil, detoxifies and purifies the skin while reducing inflammation and promoting brightness for healthier, glowing skin.

Any one magnesium oil 200 ml

Natuur's Pure Magnesium Oil is a natural supplement for healthy skin and better sleep, containing the same quality of magnesium as synthetic drugs without the chemicals, made from water-soluble magnesium, sunflower and coconut oils, and lecithin, effective for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Any one bath salt 500 gms

Natuur's Bath Salt with Epsom Salt & Rose Petals offers a luxurious and revitalizing bathing experience, containing premium ingredients like Epsom salt, rose petals, and natural essential oils for relaxation and skin nourishment.

Any one belly button oil 20 ml

Natuur's Belly Button Oil for Menstrual Pain Relief is a natural solution for relieving menstrual pain and cramps, made from a blend of essential oils that quickly absorb when applied to the belly button, providing gentle and immediate relief without harmful chemicals or additives.

Any one body lotion 100 ml

Natuur's Cocoa Chocolate Body Butter is a rich, natural moisturizer, perfect for sensitive or dry skin, leaving it soft and youthful without harmful chemicals.

Any one body butter or hand and foot cream 50 gms

Natuur's Hand & Foot Cream - Camphor & Lavender is a natural moisturizer for soft, hydrated skin, infused with soothing lavender and camphor, free from harsh chemicals.


Any one face wash 300 ml
Any one face pack 100 gms
Aloe gel 100 ml
Rose water 50 ml
Any one water based Face serum 20 ml
Any one oil based face serum 20 ml
Any facial mist 50 ml
Belly button oil for beautiful skin 20 ml
Anti aging cream or under eye cream 50 gms
Aloe saffron facial massage lotion 100 ml

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