Patented Homecare Bundle


Product Description Ingedients
Natuur patented Laundry Liquid Soap - sulphate free Natuur's Laundry Liquid Soap is a gentle and environmentally friendly way to wash your clothes. It's made with patented, organic and natural ingredients and contains no harsh chemicals. This all-natural product has no sulfates, common ingredients in many laundry soaps. Liquid Castile soap 98%, lavender 1% and lemongrass essential oils 1%
Natuur patented Dish Cleaner Lemon - Effective, safe, gentle on hands Clean up your dishes with Natuur's patented Dish Cleaner. Natuur's Dish Cleaner is made with lemon essential oil and eucalyptus extract, which is gentle on the hands and smells great. The product is also pH balanced, so it won't react with soap or other products to cause sudsing. Liquid Castile soap 95%, lemon essential oil 4.9%, permitted colour 0.1%
Natuur patented Floor Cleaner Eucalyptus - Decontaminant , deodorizer Natuur's Floor Cleaner is a patented, non-toxic, biodegradable, and hypoallergenic cleaner safe for the environment and your family. It is ideal for those with allergies and sensitivities. It is a great alternative to your traditional cleaner and has a light, fresh scent. Natuur's Floor Cleaner can be used on all types of floors and surfaces, including vinyl, ceramic, stone, and hardwood.  Distilled water 85%, Liquid Castile soap 12%, neem 2% and eucalyptus essential oils 1%
Natuur patented Air Freshener(Rose & Lemon) - Invigorating The best way to ensure a fresh and clean environment is to use patented Natuur's Air Freshener Rose and Lemon. Made with the highest quality natural ingredients including a patented eucalyptus extract, Natuur's Air Freshener will not leave a sticky residue and can be used longer. Natuur's Air Freshener is the perfect solution for those looking to keep their home smelling fresh with an all-natural, refreshing scent. Pure Grain alcohol 90%, glycerine 6%, essential oils of sweet Rose 1%, Rosewood 1%, Lemon 1% and Musk oil 1%
Glass Cleaner SPARKING CLEAR 500mL Natuur's Glass Cleaner is a patented, high-quality, natural glass cleaner that will make any home shine. This product has been certified as an eco-friendly cleaner and is free of harsh chemicals that can harm the environment. It is gentle to use on all types of glass surfaces, and it leaves no streaks or residue.  White distilled vinegar 50%, Pure Grain alchohol 49%, fragrance 0.99%, permitted colour 0.01%


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