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Glass Cleaner 500ml

Glass Cleaner 500ml

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Natuur's Glass Cleaner is the perfect solution for a sparkling, streak-free shine on all of your glass surfaces. Made with natural, eco-friendly ingredients, this high-quality glass cleaner is gentle yet effective, leaving no residue or streaks behind. With a plant-based formula and a refreshing citrus scent, it is safe for traditional and non-traditional glassware and is designed to be gentle on your hands. Natuur's Glass Cleaner is free of harsh chemicals such as ammonia, chlorine, and dyes, making it perfect for those with pets or allergies. Plus, it is pH balanced and won't dry out your hands. This biodegradable, natural cleaner is ideal for those who want to live a greener lifestyle. Each bottle is carefully crafted with premium ingredients to deliver premium results. Natuur's Glass Cleaner is the natural choice for anyone looking for a safe, effective, and eco-friendly glass cleaner.


White distilled vinegar 50%, Pure Grain alchohol 49%, fragrance 0.99%, permitted colour 0.01%

Directions for use

Spray on surface , allow it to remain for a few seconds , wipe with a clean sry cloth

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