Our Story

Natuur is the Dutch word for Nature. Nature, in the broadest sense, evokes the wonderment of natural, physical, or material world or universe. It refers to the phenomena of the physical world, and also to life in general. The word is derived from natura, & in ancient times, literally meant "BIRTH .The inspiration for NATUUR was knowledge of the rapid & reckless profligacy of chemicals as ingredients in every day products! Skin as the largest gland absorbs these ineffectually without being able to discriminate its ill effects ! Statistics reveal children as the most vulnerable recipients of these chemicals !
Experts estimate that most of us have an average of 700 chemicals coursing through our bodies, many of which were lathered into our hair before we could write our ABC's. Potent hormone disruptors, formaldehyde and cancer-causing dioxin, sulphates, parabens and a host of untested chemicals - to name a few! These chemicals are known to bio-accumulate and be passed from mother to child , increasing each generation’s chances of defects in newborn babies, infertility and even cancer. The unfortunate consequence is that , these chemicals appear to do their worst when introduced to the developing endocrine systems of small children, and things haven't changed all that much since we were kids. Fortunately, we don’t need that stuff. NATUUR body and home care products are made from edible products from our kitchen. The basic thumb rule is - what you cannot eat, you should not be using it on your body or for cleaning your home.
Natuur, has an element of co creation to adjust sensibilities and likes to create customized products within the constraints of scale and logistics, it always sets about harmonizing the five elements to create products which are efficacious and pure!
The product range encompasses a host of personal care and home care products for Adults, Children and Pets! Supplies are.
Natuur researches extensively, to find natural solution to emulsifiers and stabilizers to give users an exhilarating and refreshing . The products make one feel energized & in complete harmony with Nature! An extensive range specific to season and skin type , hair type has been created to give all day freshness with summer & winter specific, refreshing body sprays and creams, efficacious face serum which satiates the skin making it feel fresh and young!
Natuur is a tribute to an alternative lifestyle aligned to NATURAL ! Its born out of a passion to benefit humanity at large from the travails of dangerous chemicals!
Please look out for researched wisdom on harmful chemicals and their detrimental effects on the human anatomy through NATUUR – KNOWLEDGE – daily wisdom & our newsletter.
Our formulations are all natural and we use natural as well as naturally derived ingredients. Our plant oils and butters are pure and premium grade, Our essential oils are therapeutic grade. All powders used are food grade and organic.