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Regimen For Sensitive Skin

Regimen For Sensitive Skin

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Product Name Description
Pure Sandalwood Powder 100gms Sandalwood is known to heal your skin tissues. This healing property helps in getting rid of scars from wounds, blemishes, dark spots and eczema. You can also use sandalwood powder for skin whitening as it removes skin impurities to give you an even tone.
Rose Petals Powder 100gms Made naturally from dried rose flower petals, with the best diverse benefits. This is a pure, micro-fine powder obtained by drying the fresh petals of roses. Being an excellent astringent, it serves as a perfect deep cleanser and naturally makes the skin look glowy.
Pure lavender Water 100mL Natuur's Kashmiri Lavender Hydrosol: Natural skincare, improves skin's moisture, tightens pores, and offers antioxidant protection.
Pure Aloe Gel 100mL Natuur's Aloe Vera gel: Refreshes, moisturizes, hydrates dry skin, soothing properties, all-day hydration, no reapplication needed.
Pure Apricot Oil ( Bedtime) 50mL Apricot oil helps to improve skin tone, maintain softness and radiance of the skin. It also nourishes the skin and lowers the appearance of face wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes - that's the Vitamin C and E working in partnership.
Belly button oil glowing skin 50mL Natuur's Belly Button Oil: Natural and safe for beautiful, glowing skin. Suitable for all skin types. Enhances skin health and provides lasting radiance. Free from harsh chemicals. Trust Natuur for pure, gentle skincare.
Neem Vetiver Shea Soap 100gms Natuur's Vetiver and Neem Soap: Medicinal and antiseptic, cures all acne types, soothes and repairs skin, paraben and sulfate-free.
Ayurvedic Bath powder 300gms Natuur's Ayurvedic Bath Powder is a versatile product for exfoliating and brightening the skin. Green gram, rose petal powder, oatmeal, rice flour, besan, and turmeric work together to rejuvenate, soften, brighten, and even out the skin.
Rose Water 100mL Rose water maintains skin's pH and controls excess oil . It has anti-inflammatory property that relieves damaged skin of acne. Rose water relaxes skin, induces sleep & also helps to remove dark circles & eye puffiness. This hydrating and fragrant Rosewater helps tone the skin, while minimizing enlarged pores.
Coconut Oil 200mL


Pure Sandalwood Powder 100gms
Pure Rose Petals Powder 100gms
Pure lavender Water 100mL
Pure Aloe Gel 100mL
Pure Apricot Oil ( Bedtime) 50mL
Belly button oil glowing skin 50mL
Neem Vetiver Shea Soap 100gms
Ayurvedic Bath powder 300gms
Rose Water 100mL
Coconut Oil 200mL

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