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Regimen For Combination Skin

Regimen For Combination Skin

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Product Name Description
Rice Masoor Dal Face Pack 100gms Introducing Natuur's Rice and Masoor Dal Face Pack, a natural way to brighten your skin. This blend of rice powder, pink masoor dal powder, ashwagandha powder, and Kasturi haldi powder works to improve your skin's radiance.
Vitamin C Face Pack 100gms Natuur's Vitamin C pack: Anti-aging, evens skin tone, use with milk, rose water, and aloe gel, radiant and hydrated skin.
Pure Aloe Gel 100mL Natuur's Aloe Vera gel: Refreshes, moisturizes, hydrates dry skin, soothing properties, all-day hydration, no reapplication needed.
Vetiver Chamomile Facial Mist 50mL Introducing Natuur's Vetiver and Chamomile Facial Mist, a calming and soothing solution for your skin. This mist is made with Vetiver and Chamomile hydrosols and essential oils known for their relaxing properties, promoting mental clarity and reducing anxiety.
Hylauranic Acid face serum ( day time) 20mL Introducing Natuur's Hyaluronic Face Serum, a premium hydrating booster for youthful and plump skin. Our non-greasy blend contains natural ingredients like Frankincense hydrosol, glycerine, pure hyaluronic acid powder, and a natural preservative to provide safe and gentle care for your face.
Face Serum Combination Skin ( Bedtime) 20mL Introducing Natuur's Combination Skin Face Serum, a premium blend of natural ingredients, including Apricot Kernel oil, Tamanu oil, Argan oil, and Vitamin E oil. Apply 2-3 drops before bedtime for optimal results.
Belly button oil glowing skin 50mL Natuur's Belly Button Oil: Natural and safe for beautiful, glowing skin. Suitable for all skin types. Enhances skin health and provides lasting radiance. Free from harsh chemicals. Trust Natuur for pure, gentle skincare.
Aloe Cucumber Soap 100gms Natuur's Aloe Vera and Cucumber Soap is a refreshing and moisturizing solution for normal skin. It deeply moisturizes without greasiness, making it ideal for summer. Aloe Vera heals and clears the skin, while cucumber nourishes with essential nutrients and hydration for a naturally glowing complexion. Perfect for a post-work pampering session!
Daily Ubtan Powder 100gms Introducing Natuur's Daily Ubtan: a soap-free cleanser and dead skin remover for glowing skin. Our organic blend includes Besan, Kasturi Haldi, Kashmiri Kesar, and more. Natuur uses premium ingredients, and this product is vegan and free from harmful chemicals. Ideal for adult women aged 18-60 with normal skin. Enjoy radiant skin with Natuur's Daily Ubtan!
Rose Water 100mL Rose water maintains skin's pH and controls excess oil . It has anti-inflammatory property that relieves damaged skin of acne. Rose water relaxes skin, induces sleep & also helps to remove dark circles & eye puffiness. This hydrating and fragrant Rosewater helps tone the skin, while minimizing enlarged pores.


Rice Masoor Dal Face Pack 100gms
Vitamin C Face pack 100gms
Pure Aloe Gel 100mL
Vetiver Chamomile Facial Mist 50mL
Hylauranic Acid face serum ( day time) 20mL
Face Serum Combination Skin ( Bedtime) 20mL
Belly button oil glowing skin 50mL
Aloe Cucumber Soap 100gms
Daily Ubtan Powder 100gms
Rose Water 100mL

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