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Natuur Musculine Fragrances Kit

Natuur Musculine Fragrances Kit

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Glide shaving soap 175gms Frankincense is a powerful astringent and removes blemishes and scratches for a smooth skin, removes fine lines and tones skin , peppermint gives a cool after shave freshness and feel to enhance your mood and give you a head start !
After shave gel 100mL After shave gel which acts as an effective sun screen & moisturizer , removes fine lines and has an astringent quality a woody pleasant all day lingering smell to protect your skin in harsh weather & sunlight.
Coffee salt body wash 300mL The combination of coffee & salt rich in nutrients & antioxidants that may benefits the skin, scalp & hair. Body wash can use to exfoliate treat acne, increase blood circulation & balance pH levels.
Coffee salt beauty bar 100gms Coffee& salt has aura cleansing with exfoliating properties , give a feeling of freshness.


Body mist - Oudh & Vanilla 100ml
Perfume oil - Ylang Ylang 8mL
Solid perfumes - Marigold & Motia 15gms

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