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Natuur Men Care

Natuur Men Care

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Body mist - Oudh & Vanilla 100ml A body mist with the woody fragrance of Oudh & Vanilla has psychoactive properties which perk you up instantly.
Perfume oil - Ylang Ylang 8mL An unisex perfume roll on which smells feminine on women and gives a masculine aura to a man who wears it . Ylang ylang an exotic oil with a sensual aroma. It helps with nervous tension and is has aphrodisiac properties with Rose.
Solid perfumes - Marigold & Motia 15gms A earthy pleasant floral feel which relaxes while motia with its rich earthy smell calms & marigold repairs and rejuvenates tired skin.


Glide shaving soap 175gms
After shave gel 100mL
Coffee salt body wash 300mL
Coffee salt beauty bar 100gms

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