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Natuur Lip Balm - Chocolate 15gms

Natuur Lip Balm - Chocolate 15gms

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This delicious and luxurious Chocolate lip balm helps healing and moisturising chapped lips. The chocolate taste would satisfy your sweet tooth and give you the perfect pout!
Its composition help reverse pigmentation to reveal softer and supple lips. It also helps even out skin tone and improves the lip texture freeing the lips from any radical damage. This matte finished lip balm is composed in a way that it can be used by both males and females.


Coconut oil 40%, Cocoa butter 20%, shea butter 20%, beeswax 10%, castor oil 5%, pure cocoa powder 2%, cocoa beans infused oil 2%

Directions for use

Apply with clean dry fingers on the lips. Massage it in.

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