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Natuur Herbal Toothpaste Cloves and Lemon 50gms

Natuur Herbal Toothpaste Cloves and Lemon 50gms

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Use Natuur's Herbal Toothpaste Cloves and Lemon with goodness of Clove & Lemon. This toothpaste has clove & lemon and on regular brushing, it helps to remove yellow stains resulting in whitening of teeth. Clove & lemon are natural cleansers and they help in the removal of plaque and tartar. Lemon attacks plaque & prevents tartar formation and clove gently polishes teeth to a healthy white. Including this toothpaste in your daily routine will provide you with pearly teeth and freshness giving a total oral care.


Distilled water 50%, Bentonite clay 30%, xylitol 12%, Himalayan rock salt 2%, cloves 2%, cinnamon 2%, turmeric 1% and lemon essential oil 1%.

Directions for use

Apply and massage on teeth and gums alongwith a soft britle toothbrush. Brush for 3-4 mins. Use daily for best results.

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