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Natuur hair darkening oil - Mustard, amla and henna 200 ml

Natuur hair darkening oil - Mustard, amla and henna 200 ml

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Natuur hair darkening oil- Mustard, amla, and henna Natuur hair darkening oil is a natural, non-permanent way to darken your hair without harsh chemicals. It is a must-have for any girl looking to give her hair a natural-looking boost of color. This natural hair product is made with a blend of mustard, amla, and henna to help your hair grow faster and stronger. It also aids in promoting hair growth and maintaining your natural hair color. The best part? This product is vegan and cruelty-free! This oil will help you have a beautiful, dark brown hair color without damaging your hair or scalp. Natuur hair darkening oil is a must-have for any naturalista! This is a natural, eco-friendly product used on all hair types and textures. This darkening oil is great for those looking for a more natural alternative to chemicals. The ingredients are sourced from India and are all-natural, safe for the environment, and free of any harmful chemicals. It is also an ideal one for those trying to cover up grey hair or cover up any bleaching.


Mustard Oil 80%, Henna 5%, Amla 5%, Ratanjot 5% and Indigo 5%

How to apply

warm 2 tablespoonfuls of oil. Apply with cotton ball on scalp. Massage lightly. Leave on overnight. Wash off next day with sulphate free hair cleanser.

How to use

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