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Natuur cuticle repair oil - jojoba and pomegranate 10mL

Natuur cuticle repair oil - jojoba and pomegranate 10mL

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Topical application of Jojoba oil to the nail plate and cuticle penetrates and softens the nail making it more supple and less likely to crack. In addition, Jojoba oil helps in the absorption of Vitamin E, in order to aid conditioning of nails. Avocado oil is able to penetrate the upper layers of the nail plate to help provide lubrication between the layers and help prevent brittleness and dryness.


Jojoba Oil 40%, Pomegranate Seed Oil 30% Avocado Oil 28%, Essential Oil of lavender 1%

How to apply

Apply a drop on each finger. Massage well on and around the nails. Massage your cuticles well. Leave it on overnight. Do this daily at bedtime for best results.

How to use

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