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Kit For 30+ Age

Kit For 30+ Age

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Product Name Description
Face Wash – Exfoliating 300mL An exfoliating face wash which improves skin tone with skin repairing properties of lavender. It reduces redness in blotchy skin & acne scars.
Pure Magnesium Oil 200mL Magnesium flakes infused with water, leaves a tingly feel and is absorbed fastest on the skin. It is also used to relieve muscle cramps and soreness.
Kumkumadi Face Oil - skin brightening 20mL Face Serum - Kumkumadi makes skin glowing and reduces pigmentation.
Rose Body Butter 100gms Rose essential oil is a natural skin toner because of its astringent properties, reduce acne, relieve anxiety & improve depression.
Rose Frankincense Soap 100gms A beauty bar which is an ideal for complete relaxation & sound sleep.
Orange Peel Shampoo 300mL Natuur Aloe Orange peel shampoo is packed with vitamin C & hair stimulating natural ingredients which on regular use leaves your hair with a natural shine & improves hair volume.
Rose Petals Oil Body massage oil has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant properties to protect and renew dry, inflamed, acne-prone skin as well as improve the look.


Face Wash – Exfoliating 300mL
Pure Magnesium Oil 200mL
Kumkumadi Face Oil - skin brightening 20mL
Rose Body Butter 100gms
Rose Frankincense Soap 100gms
Orange Peel Shampoo 300mL
Rose Petals Oil

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