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Kit For 20+ Age

Kit For 20+ Age

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Product Name Description
Face Wash - Cleansing and brightening 300mL Face wash has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties with improves skin tones.
Pure Rose Water 100mL Rose water maintains skin's pH and controls excess oil . It has anti-inflammatory property that relieves damaged skin of acne. Rose water relaxes skin, induces sleep & also helps to remove dark circles & eye puffiness.
Face Pack Activated Charcoal 100gms Face pack help to remove toxins open pores, lighten acne marks & free facial skin of free radical.
Activated Charcoal Soap 100gms Beauty bar has Anti inflammatory & Anti oxidant properties which supports skin cell regeneration.
Aloe Vera Gel 100mL Pure Aloe Vera Gel leaves your skin moisturized & hydrated. Natuur Aloe Gel is is free from chemicals and works wonders for skin and hair.
Kalonji Shampoo 300mL Kalonji oil is an effective remedy for premature graying. Kalonji oil helps to nourish the scalp. It also helps to stimulate hair growth and can promote the process that leads to melanin production, which is responsible for hair and skin color.
Oil Cleansing Blend 100mL Oil cleansing blend can clear the skin from issues like oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, blackheads, whiteheads and other problems caused by mild to moderate acne with leaving your skin healthy, balanced & properly moisturized.


Face Wash - Cleansing and brightening 300mL
Pure Rose Water 100mL
Face Pack Activated Charcoal 100gms
Activated Charcoal Soap 100gms
Aloe Vera Gel 100mL
Kalonji Shampoo 300mL
Oil Cleansing Blend 100mL

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