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Hand Sanitizer Spray - Aloe Vera & Orange

Hand Sanitizer Spray - Aloe Vera & Orange

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Keep yourself and your loved ones protected from germs with Natuur's Aloe Vera & Orange Hand Sanitizer Spray. Our spray bottle instantly kills 99.9% of disease-causing germs, making it an essential addition to your everyday routine.

Our alcohol-based formula not only ensures effective protection but also has advanced moisturizing qualities that prevent your hands from drying out. The soothing aloe extracts in our sanitizer spray ensure your hands stay soft, while the orange extract gives a natural refreshing fragrance, leaving your hands feeling fresh and safe.

At Natuur, we use premium ingredients for premium results. Our Aloe Vera & Orange Hand Sanitizer Spray is 100% vegan, free from SLS, parabens, palm oil, colors, synthetic fragrances, GMOs, silicones, harsh detergents, and sulfates. This sanitizer spray is safe for all age groups.

Our pure, safe, and gentle hand sanitizer spray is perfect for normal skin types. Simply spray and rub on your hands and allow them to dry. It's that simple!

Trust Natuur's Aloe Vera & Orange Hand Sanitizer Spray to keep you protected and feeling fresh all day long.


Rubbing alchohol 70%, Aloe Vera Gel 25%, glycerine 3%, essential oils of lavender 1% and orange 1%

How to apply

Spray and rub on hands, and allow them to dry

How to use

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