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Deodorant Cream - Myrrh & Frankincense 50g

Deodorant Cream - Myrrh & Frankincense 50g

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Introducing Natuur's Myrrh and Frankincense Deodorant Cream, the perfect solution to tackle stinky underarms. No need to layer your underarms with talcum powder or deo sprays anymore. This deodorant cream promises you freshness all day long without any harmful ingredients.

The deodorant cream is curated with 100% natural coconut oil, and its essential oils of rose, myrrh, and frankincense give a subtle and classy fragrance that lingers for long hours. Its kaolin clay absorbs sweat and gives you smoother and matte underarms daily with all-day freshness, preventing clogging of sweat ducts. The balanced PH formula ensures the right PH scale of your skin is maintained.

This is a completely natural way to smell fresh all day for both men and women. To use, apply and massage on underarms, pulse points, and neck. After using this, we bet you will not turn back to other artificial deo sprays.

At Natuur, we use premium ingredients for premium results. Our Myrrh and Frankincense Deodorant Cream contains NO SLS, NO PARABENS, NO PALM OIL, NO COLOUR, NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES, NO GMOS, NO SILICONES, NO HARSH DETERGENTS, and NO SULFATES. Try it today and experience the natural way to stay fresh all day!


Coconut oil 40%, kaolin clay 20%, baking soda 20%, arrowroot powder 17%, essential oils of rose 1%, myrrh 1% and frankincense 1%

Directions for use

Apply and massage on underarms , pulse points and neck

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