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Coconut methi kalonji hair oil - 200ml

Coconut methi kalonji hair oil - 200ml

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Natuur Coconut Methi Kalonji Hair Oil is a natural, chemical-free hair oil made with virgin coconut oil, castor oil, onion oil, methi oil, and infused with natural herbs such as amla, shikakai, bhringraj, curry leaves, garlic, hibiscus leaves, kalonji seeds, fenugreek seeds, ratanjot, and neem leaves. This hair oil is perfect for dry or damaged hair and can be used daily or as needed. The all-natural ingredients are easily absorbed by the hair follicles, providing hydration, nutrients, and stimulating hair growth. Use 2 tablespoonfuls of oil, warm it up, and apply with a cotton ball on the scalp. Massage lightly and leave it overnight. Wash off the next day with sulphate-free hair cleanser for best results. Natuur Coconut Methi Kalonji Hair Oil is safe for all hair types and contains NO SLS, NO parabens, NO palm oil, NO synthetic fragrances, NO GMOs, NO silicones, NO harsh detergents, and NO sulfates. This hair oil is the perfect solution for anyone looking to take care of their hair with safe and natural ingredients.


Virgin Coconut Oil 60%, Castor oil 20%, Onion oil 5%, Methi oil 5%, Herbs infused - amla 1%, shikakai 1%, bhringraj 1%, curry leaves 1%, garlic 1%, hibiscus leaves 1%, kalonji seeds 1%, fenugreek seeds 1%, ratanjot 1% & neem leaves1%

How to apply

warm 2 tablespoonfuls of oil. Apply with cotton ball on scalp. Massage lightly. Leave on overnight. Wash off next day with sulphate free hair cleanser.

How to use

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