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Bodycare Essentials Bundle

Bodycare Essentials Bundle

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Any one face wash 300 ml

Natuur's face wash, infused with orange and lavender, provides a refreshing experience, fights aging, controls oiliness, and is gentle on all skin types with no harmful chemicals. Massage, rinse, and enjoy premium skincare results.

Any one face pack 100 gms

Natuur's Dead Sea Mud Face Pack detoxifies, tightens pores, and exfoliates for clear, radiant skin. Made from pure Dead Sea mud, it's 100% natural and free from harmful chemicals. Ideal for all skin types, use once or twice a week.

Aloe gel 100 ml

Natuur's Aloe Vera gel naturally refreshes, cools, and deeply hydrates the skin, providing all-day moisture and a healthy glow without reapplication.

Rose water 50 ml

Rosewater balances pH, controls oil, reduces inflammation, relaxes skin, and minimizes pores, offering multiple skincare benefits.

Any one water based Face serum 20 ml

Natuur's Hyaluronic Face Serum offers premium hydration with pure hyaluronic acid, Frankincense hydrosol, and gentle ingredients. Apply twice daily for youthful, plump skin, free from harmful chemicals.

Any one oil based face serum 20 ml

Natuur's Face Serum for combination skin blends natural ingredients like Apricot Kernel oil, Tamanu oil, Argan oil, and Vitamin E oil. Apply 2-3 drops before sleep, absorbs quickly, tightens pores, and balances mood. Vegan and free from harmful chemicals for premium results. Use twice daily.

Any facial mist 50 ml

Natuur's Vetiver and Chamomile Facial Mist offers calming and soothing properties for relaxation and well-being. Ideal for sensitive skin, it's convenient for daily use, easy to carry, and free from harmful chemicals. Enjoy the benefits of Vetiver and Chamomile for a peaceful mind and skin.

Belly button oil for beautiful skin 20 ml

Natuur's Belly Button Oil, made from natural ingredients like mustard oil, almond oil, and essential oils, is suitable for all skin types and helps improve skin health, brightness, and youthful appearance. Apply 2-3 drops before bedtime for a lasting natural glow. Free from harsh chemicals for safe, pure, and gentle skincare.

Anti aging cream or under eye cream 50 gms

Natuur Anti Aging Cream, infused with Primrose, Sandalwood, Turmeric, and Saffron, reduces fine lines and wrinkles while providing deep nourishment for supple, youthful skin. Free from harmful chemicals, it's safe for sensitive skin and a natural choice for moisturizing and rejuvenation.

Aloe saffron facial massage lotion 100 ml


Any one body wash 300 ml
Ayurvedic bath powder 300 gms
Aloe gel 100 ml
Any one body massage oil 100 ml
Any one soap 100 gms
Any one magnesium oil 200 ml
Any one bath salt 500 gms
Any one belly button oil 20 ml
Any one body lotion 100 ml
Any one body butter or hand and foot cream 50 gms

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