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Body Scrub - Brown Sugar & Green Tea- Exfoliating Natural Detox for Blemish Free Skin 100 gms

Body Scrub - Brown Sugar & Green Tea- Exfoliating Natural Detox for Blemish Free Skin 100 gms

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Introducing Natuur's Brown Sugar & Green Tea Body Scrub, the perfect natural exfoliant for achieving blemish-free and smoother skin. Our premium ingredients, including Sesame Oil, Brown Sugar, Green Tea Leaves, Almond Oil, and Cinnamon Powder, are weighed and measured separately and mixed well to create a gentle, natural detox for your skin.

Our gentle scrub is free from harsh chemicals and is designed for sensitive skin. The natural exfoliation with brown sugar, green tea, and aloe vera blend gently exfoliates the skin without damaging or drying it out. The natural blend helps leave your skin looking and feeling firmer and smoother while preventing blemishes and blackheads.

For best results, apply the scrub on your face and rub it in gentle circular motions. Allow it to dry and wash it off with lukewarm water. For even better results, reapply the scrub and then wash it off with cold water. The natural ingredients are gentle enough to be used daily, leaving you feeling fresh and revitalized after every use.

Our body scrub is suitable for everyone looking to feel their best, with a small amount designed to exfoliate and cleanse all body areas. Our natural ingredients are gentle on all skin types, and our soothing formula is designed to cleanse and exfoliate gently.

We pride ourselves on using only premium ingredients for premium results, and our body scrub contains NO SLS, NO Parabens, NO Palm Oil, NO Color, NO Synthetic Fragrances, NO GMOs, NO Silicones, NO Harsh Detergents, and NO Sulfates. Our product is perfect for anyone looking for a natural, safe, pure, and gentle exfoliating experience.

Try Natuur's Brown Sugar & Green Tea Body Scrub today and discover the benefits of our premium ingredients for achieving blemish-free, smoother, and healthier-looking skin.


Sesame Oil 40%, Brown sugar 25%, green tea leaves 25%, almond oil 5%, cinnamon powder 5%

Directions for use

How to use? Apply on face and rub in gentle circular motion allow to dry Wash off with like warm water. For best effect reapply and then wash with cold water

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