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Air Freshener-Exotic(Vanilla & Sandalwood) 200ml

Air Freshener-Exotic(Vanilla & Sandalwood) 200ml

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Introducing Natuur's Air Freshener-Exotic, the perfect air freshener that helps you create a more pleasant-smelling environment in your home or office. Unlike other air fresheners, our product doesn't just mask unpleasant odors, it eliminates them with the natural power of essential oils. This unique blend of vanilla, rosemary, and lavender is designed to leave your home smelling clean and fresh, and the natural ingredients will have you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

Made with pure vanilla extract, natural oils, and water, Natuur's Air Freshener-Exotic is free of harsh chemicals that can harm the environment and is safe to use around people and pets of all ages. Our air freshener is easy to use, simply shake well and spray in any room or space for a long-lasting fresh scent. The fragrance of this product is all-natural, sweet vanilla that will fill your home with a pleasant aroma.
Natuur's Air Freshener-Exotic is an eco-friendly and biodegradable air freshener that helps you live a greener lifestyle. Our air freshener is free of SLS, parabens, palm oil, color, synthetic fragrances, GMOs, silicones, harsh detergents, and sulfates. Trust us to provide premium ingredients for premium results. Get your hands on Natuur's Air Freshener-Exotic today and experience the benefits of a natural air freshen


Pure Grain alcohol 90%, glycerine 7%, essential oils of Coffee 1%, Vanilla 1% & Sandalwood 1%.

Directions for use

Shake well before use. spray inside your home as well as car.

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