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Natuur Oil Pulling Blend Coconut Clove Cinnamon 200 ml

Natuur Oil Pulling Blend Coconut Clove Cinnamon 200 ml

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Natuur's Mouth Wash & Toxin Remover and Oil Pulling Blend Coconut is a herbal formulation recommended to prevent the onset or treatment of mouth ulcers in cancer patients going through radiation or chemotherapy. It also helps with lesions caused inside the mouth due to inflammation in the mucous membrane. The inflammation makes it difficult to open the mouth. This mouth wash & oil pulling blend reduces pain due to sore throat. It helps in reducing inflammation, burning sensation or pain. It also helps in reducing chances of secondary infection and promotes faster healing.


Virgin Cold pressed Coconut oil 94%, essential oils of clove 1% , peppermint 1%, green cardamom 1%, fennel seeds 1%, cinnamon 1% and sweet orange 1%

How to apply

How to use? Take a tablespoon in your mouth. Swish for 10-15 minutes. Spit oil into the flush or trash can. Rinse mouth with warm water. Brush well.

How to use

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