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Natuur Beard & Hair Growth Oil 50mL

Natuur Beard & Hair Growth Oil 50mL

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Natuur's Beard & Hair Growth Oil is a nourishing all-natural ingredient ultimate solution oil for a smooth & frizz free hair and beard. This oil is made with natural ingredients that help in a thicker, healthier, and a shinier hair growth. A well-groomed beard and properly kept hair looks just as professional as a clean-shaven face. Keep your hair and beard neat, stylish and moisturized with Natuur's Beard and Hair Growth Oil. This oil helps restoring the natural moisture and keeps the face smelling fresh & oil free regardless of the length of the beard. From the very first use, this oil will give noticeable results making your hair soft and easy to groom.


Coconut oil 40%, Castor Oil 30%, Sweet Almond oil 15%, Kalonji Oil 11%, essential oil of rosemary 1%, cedarwood 1%, peppermint 1% & musk 1%

Directions for use

"Take a few drops of the beard oil and rub between your palms. Run your fingers through your facial hair, starting from the neck and working up, making sure to rub the oil into the skin
where your beard grows. "

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