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Natuur After Shave Gel - Aloe Tea Tree 100mL

Natuur After Shave Gel - Aloe Tea Tree 100mL

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Natuur's After Shave Gel with goodness of Tea Tree is both an astringent & moisturizing product. It is enriched with Tea Tree that is an antiseptic for small cuts & scrapes that occur after shaving. Our product is a strong anti-oxidant that defies the signs of aging in the skin and evens out skin tone eventually providing a healthy glow on the face. The A purifying blend that refreshes the skin. It is a ‘Cool After Shave Gel’ To Feel Cool After A Shave.


Aloe vera gel 90%, coconut oil 7%, musk oil1%, frankincense essential oil 1% and tea tree essential oil1%

Directions for use

How to use? Scoop and apply in light circular motion , allow it to dry

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