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Stress Relief Mist Marjoram and Bergamot 50ml

Stress Relief Mist Marjoram and Bergamot 50ml

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We all know how it senses to have our heart racing and palms sweating. It's a natural response to high levels of stress. Natuur's Stress relief Mist Marjoram and Bergamot is a calming, floral fragrance. There is nothing more relaxing than the fresh scent of Marjoram and Bergamot. Use Stress Relief Mist as a room spray or on your pillow or sheets to help you sleep better. You can also spritz it on your hands and wrists to soothe them after a long day. Marjoram and Bergamot are herbs with a sweet, earthy scent that has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. They are often used in aromatherapy to reduce stress and anxiety. This soothing mist is perfect for the home or office. A few spritzes in the air will clear the air and leave you feeling relaxed. Use it in the morning to help start your day or in the evening to help you relax.


Pure Grain alchohol 85%, Glycerine 10%, essential oils of lime 1%, lemon 1%, peppermint 1%, marjoram 1% and bergamot 1%

Directions for use

"To be used on the pillow at bedtime


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