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Body Mist - Vetiver and Gardenia

Body Mist - Vetiver and Gardenia

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Named for the Haitian word for "earth," vetiver is a grounding and sensual scent that evokes outdoor, lush garden memories. The sweet, floral scent of gardenia mingles with vetiver to create a fragrance that is exotic and grounding. When you add a rich, earthy aroma to a floral bouquet, what do you get? Imagine your favourite flower garden, with the sweet smell of gardenia and the earthy scent of vetiver wafting through the air. Natuur's Body Mist - Vetiver and Gardenia- Anti Anxiety, Relaxant is a new Body Mist fragrance with Vetiver and Gardenia. This scent is to help with anxiety and to relax. This light, refreshing mist is made with natural ingredients to combat stress and anxiety. It is made with 100% natural, vegan ingredients, with no alcohol or harsh chemicals. It smells light and refreshing and is the perfect size for your purse or take on the go. It is ideal for refreshing during the day or after a workout. The mist contains natural and essential oils and is perfect for a daily spritz after a shower or anytime you need a pick-me-up.


Pure grain alchohol 85%, glycerine 10%, essential oils of Vetiver 2%, gardenia 2% and lime 1%

How to apply

Spray on pulse points, behind the ears and underarms

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