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Body Mist - Oudh & Vanilla 100ml

Body Mist - Oudh & Vanilla 100ml

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At NATUUR, we believe that your fragrance should not only uplift your senses but also promote your well-being. That's why we have created our signature fragrance, the NATUUR Body Mist Oudh & Vanilla, to bring you a unique and natural experience.

Our body mist is perfect for both men and women who seek a fragrance that is not only effective but also safe and natural. We avoid using harsh chemicals in our formulation to ensure that our body mist is gentle on your skin and can be used daily without any concerns.

The natural and heavenly aroma of Oudh & Vanilla in our body mist is a blend that is both uplifting and soothing. This fragrance has been specially designed to promote a sense of happiness and well-being, providing you with an all-day fresh and fragrant experience.

Our NATUUR Body Mist Oudh & Vanilla is a must-have in your fragrance collection. It is perfect for those who seek a fragrance that is natural, safe, and effective. Our formulation is carefully crafted to ensure that it enhances your senses and promotes your overall well-being.

Try our NATUUR Body Mist Oudh & Vanilla today and experience the magic of natural fragrances. You will love the difference it makes in your day and how it uplifts your senses to promote happiness and well-being.


Pure grain alchohol 85%, glycerin 10%, essential oils of Oudh 2%, patchouli 2% and vanilla 1%

Directions for use

Spray on pulse points, behind the ears and underarms

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