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How do I maintain healthy hair at home in this monsoon?

by Design Pundit 12 Jul 2023 0 Comments

The rainy season is knocking on the door. We all love Monsoon and the misty weather that we all romanticize in India. Now going out and getting drenched is going to be a daily thing. And let’s be honest this is something that most of us don’t like. But there is one more thing that we all hate dearly about Monsoon. And that is the dandruff and frizz that it brings to our mane! Not a day goes during the rainy season when your hair dont feel sticky and devoid of any lusture. And let’s not even go to the hairfall that it causes.


If you are facing the same issue, then you have landed in the right place. Because here you will get the solution that will get rid of the Monsoon dandruff and hairfall issue for good. The solution is Neem and Apple Cider Vinegar. You can use these in different product forms like shampoo and conditioner. Let’s get to know more about them.


Neem oil

The very common fungus infection during the Monsoon is caused by Malassezia. It also causes dandruff in later phases. It can be found on the scalps of most people without creating any issues. However, if the immune system of our body reacts against it, then it results in dandruff. But you can easily get rid of it by using a good Neem oil. It contains nimbidin which has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. This soothes the itchy scalp during the Monsoon and also provides relief from dandruff.


Neem shampoo

Benefits of Neem can also be taken by using a neem-infused shampoo. It will help in fighting the fungal and yeast infection in your hair. Apart from having anti-fungal and anti-septic properties, Neem oil also contains a rich amount of Vitamin E. This helps in boosting scalp health and also makes hair strands shiny.


ACV shampoo

The next solution for taking care of your hair during the Monsoon is ACV shampoo. Apple Cider Vinegar products contain natural acetic acid which helps in fighting dandruff. So, you get better cleansing results with AC shampoo. Moreover, it has flavonoids like gallic acid, benzoic acid, ferulic acid, etc. These are antioxidants that reduce oxidative stress on the hair and scalp resulting in less hair damage.


ACV conditioner

Frizzy and detangled hair are one of the most common issues during the Monsoon. It happens when our hair cuticles swell up because of the outside humidity of the air. The reverse osmosis occurs and hair loses its natural moisture. Now, the atmospheric moisture replaces the natural hair moisture molecules which breaks the hydrogen bond of hair. As a result, we experience hair fall, hair breakage, and tangled and frizzy hair. ACV conditioners help in locking the natural moisture while also balancing the scalp pH. As a result, you get frizz-free and smooth hair.


Neem and ACV products contain the natural properties of these substances. Therefore, they help in taking care of the hair during the Monsoon without any hassle.

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