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Natuur Knowledge – Client Awarness Series

by Natuur Manufacturing 12 Oct 2023 0 Comments
Babies & Children are precious, they need to be protected & nurtured with the products with the purest constituents to enhance their immunity, induce comfort and joy !
Natuur ,has curated a comprehensive range of baby & kids care range to enchant , comfort & bring a smile to our bundles of joy !
While it established that proliferation of chemicals in food and cosmetics and our obsession with shelf life , atmospheric pollutants and mindless consumption of preserved foods has resulted in a spurt of disease the most vulnerable segment little children , common cosmetic ingredients in baby care products include polyfluoroalkyl substances used as an external coating on products to given even feel and a smooth shape however these have far reaching negative effects including altered immune and thyroid function depressed developmental outcomes , additionally parabens , lead and heavy metals are especially harmful for children. Commonly used and identified additives in baby care products include (Parabens, Talc, Sulphates, Propylene, Glycol and DEA as common toxic ingredients commonly used in baby bath, skin & hair care products, baby wipes and nappy change creams)
If used carefully and calibrated as per prescribed quantity natural herbal products have a very useful and potent contribution to treat nappy rashes, skin and hair dryness, , tooth pains and gum inflammation & assist in a good night restful sleep with sleep inducing massage oils and fruity sops and especially formulated shampoos
They are usually more gentle than pharmaceutical alternatives and offer healing qualities without upsetting the more precarious homeostasis of children who are naturally resilient. We do this as our elders did it to use our products & herbs to treat colds, flu, chickenpox, measles induced skin spots and to give relief from itching &, and even soothe teething pains. They help kids with inflammation, digestion, hygiene by making bathing, massaging and applying oils and cream a enchanting daily ritual!

We strongly recommend that cosmetics impact the largest gland the skin however to be very effective these need to be holistically applied with dietary modifications to include cranberry, fish oil, melatonin, probiotics, garlic and ginseng were among the most common natural supplements given to children.

A baby's skin is naturally hydrated and moist, and natural products provide gentle care to preserve the softness of baby's skin augment it form a sheath and keep it that way. Its imperative to presser the delicate skin by not exposing the skin to cchemicals, fragrances, and dyes in clothing, detergents, to avoid skin irritation, dryness, chafing, and rashes!

Natuur has curated a infant & baby comfort range which is entirely free of the suspect additives , We're now on WhatsApp. Click to join. For updates or subscribe to our blog by clicking the link
We have created a range which has all a baby or an infant need however with ingredients which look and feel similar are equally efficacious and Natural using kaolin clay, sweet almond, aloe vera, lavender, chamomile, coconut oil, corn starch etc
We weigh in the following to ensure product safety:
• PH 5.5 to 6 conforming to ideal alkaline
• Fragrance contains aldehydes which are exciting to smell & irrestible to most but carcinogenic on most cases & best avoided especially in a baby’s gentle skin
• SLS – Sodium Lauryl Sulphate – the lather creating chemical additive does not clean better ,it gives an impression that the grime & dirt is being cleaned ! Its best to avoid this skin irritant!
• Parabens a preservative to enhance shelf life also has proven to be a carcinogen and is banned in most nations not yet ours!
• Talc a must use refreshing deodorant and personal care favourite is replete with asbestos and a known carcinogen and is best substituted with clay & corn starch & natural lavender or a relaxation inducing additive
• Sunscreens – On cold and damp climes or in deserts with harsh sun Screen is a necessary protection however OXYBENZONE which is used is a hormone disruptor and causes endocrinal disorders, zinc oxide in calibrated proportions is a better additive!
Phenoxy ethyl alcohol, beta-hydroxyethyl phenyl ether are perfume fixatives and best avoided as also tropolones a bacticidal which kills bacteria but prevents natural decay , SLES a cleaner used in bacterial mouth washes , alcohol, and dyes are other chemical additives which we should be watchful for A product without EDTA and phthalates makes it safer for a babies sensitive skin..
Disclaimer – The paper is a an effort to make consumer aware and be selective and well informed when purchasing natural baby care products off the shelf
For more information and a customised regimen please contact us at , or click the following link NATUUR BABY CARE
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