How are face serums different from Face creams

How are face serums different from Face creams

Natuur Admin

In terms of formulations prepared with natural ingredients, Face serums are oil blends while face cream is a mix of butters and oils.

Though if you go in for chemical based preparations, these are primarily water based with loads of chemicals, fragrances and preservatives. These do more harm than good. Please read the ingredients on the back side of the label before buying any product.

So its best to go in for natural preparations, as they are safer and more effective for our skins in the long terms.

Natuur has pure plant based face serums and face oils, and nourishing face creams prepared with butters, beeswax and plant oils. We use only food grade and organic ingredients in our formulations. To buy these jars of purity and goodness, please go to Natuur - Natural|Pure|Handicrafted

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