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Hand sanitizer gel - rose and clove

Hand sanitizer gel - rose and clove

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Protect yourself and your loved ones with Natuur's hand sanitizer gel infused with the goodness of rose and clove. This hand sanitizer gel with natural ingredients to provide maximum protection against germs and bacteria.

With its antibacterial properties, the clove in this hand sanitizer gel helps keep bacteria, fungi, and germs away. Meanwhile, the rose exhibits a soft fragrance that keeps your hands smelling fresh all day long. The natural ingredients in this hand sanitizer provide moisturization and prevent the hand sanitizer from drying out your skin, making it safe for regular use.

Our hand sanitizer is pure, safe, gentle, and for all age groups. We use premium ingredients for premium results, and our product is 100% vegan and free of harmful chemicals such as SLS, parabens, palm oil, synthetic fragrances, GMOS, silicones, harsh detergents, and sulfates.

Make Natuur's hand sanitizer gel infused with rose and clove a part of your daily routine and enjoy peace of mind knowing you and your family are protected against harmful germs and bacteria. Order now and experience the goodness of nature in a bottle!


Rubbing alchohol 70%, aloe vera 24%, glycerine 3%, essential oils of rose 1%, clove 1% and cinnamon 1%

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