How does the Indian summer affect the skin?

How does the Indian summer affect the skin?

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India, being as diverse in geography as it is in culture, has a mix of wet and dry climates. The warm and dry summers albeit can have a damaging impact on our skin. The endless sun and warm climate can cause several skin issues and allergies. Here are certain ways how the cruel Indian summers can affect our skin:


  • Due to excessive heat and dryness, our skin can get dehydrated. This can lead to mild to severe dryness, redness, flakiness, and even cracking. It is important to keep ourselves hydrated and drink plenty of water to prevent this. You can also choose natural soaps that can keep your skin hydrated.


  • Secondly, the extreme sunlight and increased exposure to sunlight during the Indian summer can also have a negative effect on our skin. Prolonged exposure to the sun, coupled with dirt and pollution can lead to issues like sunburn, premature aging, risk of skin cancer, hyperpigmentation, and even age spots. Thus, remember to wear good sunscreen and use soothing skin essence whenever you come back from the outdoors.


  • A very common skin issue that occurs due to an extremely hot climate is melasma. It causes discolored skin and brown patches all over the exposed skin. The patches can even turn to dark grey or brown with long exposures. This can easily be prevented by using a good exfoliator and sunscreen. With extremely hot weather, the body tends to produce excessive sweat. Excessive sweat can lead to clogged pores and an increased frequency of breakouts. However, it can easily be prevented by cleansing the skin thoroughly and using exfoliators and water-based cleansers for reducing oil production. The popular body treatment that can be done at home is a basic salt scrub. Salt exfoliates the skin, removing debris and dead skin cells for a more youthful appearance. Use sea salt or pink salt, both of which are high in minerals.


The Indian summers can cause a variety of implications on our skins. So, we must protect our skin from the harsh Indian sun and follow a daily skincare routine.

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