Don't let the Indian summer wreak havoc on your skin! Follow these essential skincare tips

Don't let the Indian summer wreak havoc on your skin! Follow these essential skincare tips

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The Indian summer can be quite harsh, especially on the skin. Also, with the unpredictability of the weather, all thanks to climate change, the impact on our skin can be more damaging than it seems on the surface. We must switch over to different natural skincare routines with the changing weather. The Indian summer is already here, so here are some skincare tips for you to battle the cruel weather:

It has been said a couple of million times, and we will say it again, HYDRATION is EVERYTHING! No matter the weather it is important to keep our body hydrated. With dehydration, the chances of sunburn, hyperpigmentation, and skin cancer only go up. So fill up your bottle bottles and keep drinking water now and then.

Sunscreen is the most important part of the skincare routine. Even on a cloudy day, do not forget to wear that sunscreen and keep reapplying it along with a nice water-based moisturizer.

Exfoliating is key to battling these harsh Indian summers. Do not forget to get a good soothing exfoliator and exfoliate every three days. This will help remove all the dead skin cells that are obviously there and unclog our skin pores due to excessive sweat production.

If you want something extra, it would be good to book a relaxing and calming skin care treatment every two weeks. This will keep your skin rejuvenated and help maintain healthy, nourished, and glowing skin.

Apart from these essential skincare tips, you must remember to keep a well-balanced diet with lots of vitamins and water-rich foods. It might be good to leave that coffee and tea for a while and switch to more refreshing beverages while we brave the hot Indian summers.
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