Benefits of navel oiling/ nabhi sutra

Benefits of navel oiling/ nabhi sutra

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We often come across cases wherein people, especially seniors are strong advocates and practitioners of navel oiling or nabhi sutra. But, Ayurveda recommends the theory as well.

 Navel oiling has been in practice since the times of yore. Herein, when the belly button and the surrounding area are massaged using essential oils, remarkable health benefits are achieved. Alternately, navel oiling also helps overcome a host of health conditions that afflict our bodies.

It is noteworthy that there used to be a time when the umbilical cord, which sustains life, was attached to the baby’s belly button. As the child grows into adulthood and thereafter, the belly button becomes a source of balance by storing energy.

Since the belly button connects to each of the body’s organs via multiple veins, massaging it keeps the body healthy by nourishing the nerve endings.

Navel oiling benefits our bodies in several ways. It boosts digestive ability by helping release bile and gastric juice from the spleen in the liver. Similarly, navel oiling is one of the finest ways to soothe the mind, unwind and relax. It boosts concentration and balances emotions.

Navel oiling is also known to boost hair growth, deliver a natural glow to the skin, overcome joint pain, and enhance reproductive health.


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